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Welcome to Lisa Foley Fitness! We are a leading team of home personal trainers in the North West dedicated to delivering personal training, home yoga, group training, nutritional advice, sports therapy and weight loss support.

We have a personal mission:
to inspire and empower our client’s to achieve their greatness through health and fitness.

We understand it can be challenging to find a healthy balance, so our health and fitness experts are at your fingertips to help you Eat Well, Move Well, Reconnect and Relax.

We Promise To…

Personal Trainer Cheshire Why 1 Give you control, so you can get the body you deserve, and keep it!

We strongly believe that life-long health and fitness is driven through education, so we don’t just provide you a Personal Trainer, but a complete approach involving nutritional and weight loss support, and motivational support. The team even includes home Yoga and Pilates instructors as well as Sports Rehab specialists to ensure you have all the support you need at your fingertips! We won’t deliver a short-term fix, but a set of tools that can create sustainable positive change for a lifetime – impacting not only yourself, but also those around you.

Personal Trainer Cheshire Why 2Reduce your stress levels

Our Personal Trainers offer the flexibility to train at your most convenient location; at home, or outdoors. We recognise time is important to those with busy lives and other priorities, so we bring our training expertise and enthusiasm to you.

Personal Trainer Cheshire Why 3Offer fair prices

Whatever your budget, we can create something to suit. As well as Personal Training we offer various group training opportunities such as fitness boot camps in cheshire, so you can hook up with friends and train cost effectively.

Personal Trainer Cheshire Why 4Support your bigger picture

As well as being there for your Personal Training sessions we are also at hand outside of session times. We’re constantly there to offer advice and support; be it advice on ingredients and recipes whilst you’re out shopping at the supermarket, or motivational support and exercise advice needed when undertaking your own exercise session, or just a general query you have around your health and fitness. We’re there!

Personal Trainer Cheshire Why 5Deliver up to the minute training methods, and service with a smile.

We are a small and highly experienced team who care about our clients. All our personal trainers have been carefully selected for their expertise, skills, positive and friendly approach, and most importantly the results they have achieved with clients historically. We use industry leading training methods that focus on minimising injury, increasing flexibility and performance, maximising weight loss, and freeing clients from aches and pains.

Client Results

Personal Trainer Cheshire: Jon H looking trimIn September 2009 my weight was around fifteen stone. This was the result of an inactive lifestyle and fondness for take-away curries and pizzas. My blood pressure and cholesterol were above recommended levels and also I had an abnormal liver function. Walking to the train station was about the only exercise I did.

What do you prefer about the new you?
My health has improved, I have much more energy and I feel better generally. I’m also keen to try different types of outdoor activities and stretch myself in further events.

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New Year New YouSpecial Offer

Burst into action and look fab this year! £299 for 10 PT Sessions

It can be a bit gloomy at this time of year, but exercise and shaping up is the perfect antidote. Why not start home PT sessions and feel fab this year.

Be happy and healthy. You’re in charge.

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