Family Health and Exercise

A Happy and Healthy Family Future

Personal Trainer Stockport : Mother and daughter having funAre you a parent who, on top of work, parenting, household chores and other commitments can’t find the time to prioritise family Health and Fitness?

But surely a system in which good nutritional choices, being active as a family and having fun together is at the heart of what we all want. So is it time to consider a happier and healthier family future?

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Exercise during pregnancy

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

 Personal Trainer Northwich: Exercise whilst pregnantAlthough there have historically been misconceptions that exercising whilst pregnant will make the baby smaller and cause a premature birth – this is simply not true!  In fact exercising during pregnancy has a host of benefits, and resistance exercises allow you to build up the strength you’ll need for the weight gain and postural changes that occur during pregnancy.

So, can you exercise during pregnancy? Well not only is this a resounding yes but you’ll be pleased to know it’s actively encouraged.

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