How to prepare for exercise

Getting the right kit

Finding the right SportswearWhether you are experienced in exercise or just starting out, it’s important that you have the right type of clothing while exercising so you are comfortable and safe at all times. 

Sportswear is available in a bewildering range of colours and styles, with labels full of technical jargon. But you don’t always need high-tech kit. 

You just need to consider the following common sense approaches to help you get started. 

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Jamie Oliver’s Pasta Puttanesca

Pasta Puttanesca or Working Girl’s Pasta

Comments from Lisa:

Good meal after a run

This is a really tasty meal from Jamie Oliver which is perfect to have after a decent run or 10k race as the protein will help rebuild muscle tissue, and the carbohydrates are great for restoring glycogen levels. The anchovies, capers and olives also replenish salt levels in the body.

As a good healthy alternative try to use spelt pasta in this dish. Also, to make it slightly easier, a tin of good quality tomatoes works equally as well as the combination of fresh tomatoes and white wine.

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