Tofu and edamame beans

Good protein dish

Comments from Lisa:

Personal Trainer Sale: TofuTofu is known for its extraordinary nutritional benefits, as well as its versatility. Tofu, also known as soya curd, is a soft cheese-like food made by curdling soya milk with a coagulant. It is a high protein, low fat energy source and great for rebuilding muscle after exercise.

You an also eat this meal with a good source of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice or quinoa (keen-wah), if you need extra carbohydrate before or after exercise. Otherwise the beans offer good levels of complex carbohydrates with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

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The Benefits of Running

The benefits of running and why it is good for you

Weight loss in Cheshire : Running groupThere are many forms of exercise that are beneficial and good for you, so what is it about running that often makes us choose it above other physical activity? As a Personal Trainer I spend a fair amount of my time running with clients so they can improve their fitness and influence weight loss. HereĀ I provide just some of the many benefits of running…

How to measure inch loss

Measuring circumferences

Inch Loss : Tape MeasureObviously when you embark on a new healthy lifestyle including becoming more active and making better food choices, you’ll be keen to know where you’re currently at and what improvements you are making along the way. There’s various ways in which people tend to measure progress, but usually most measure their success via weight loss. Now whilst this seems an obvious choice, the truth is you’re far better measuring changes to your body shape, or in other words, your circumferences.

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