Healthy Eating Tips Part 1

Healthy Eating : What works?

Healthy eating tips : Healthy MealLong gone are the days when eating cabbage soup breakfast, lunch and dinner promised the earth or that you will be completely transformed or even reborn into the genetic clone of Angeline Jolie or Brad Pitt. It didn’t work like many other fad diets! Why? Well for a start it was boring, lacking in vital nutrients, unsustainable and had some errrr undesirable side-effects!

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Top 10 Foods to only eat in moderation

Foods to leave on the supermarket shelf (well more often than not)


Foods to avoid : DonutOk now everything that you shouldn’t eat you will find in Donuts. They are made from refined flour, white sugar, and partially hydrogenated oil. They also contain artificial flavours and colouring and although they may taste very appealing they are lacking fibre and have little if any nutritional value.

Tinned Soup

Yes soup, believe it or not! The tinned soups that you see on our supermarket shelves on the whole tend to have high levels of salt, trans-fats, and monosodium glutamate (MGS). You may be able to find healthier options in the health food store, but the best soup is homemade soup.

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