Steps to a speedy recovery after a 10k run

Steps to a speedy recovery

Let’s face it there will not be many of you that ‘sauntered’ around your 10k  race. With this in mind, and the fact that you have just sweat blood and tears for such a worthy cause, we have put together some top tips to help you towards a speedy recovery.

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Exercise during pregnancy

Can I exercise during pregnancy?

 Personal Trainer Northwich: Exercise whilst pregnantAlthough there have historically been misconceptions that exercising whilst pregnant will make the baby smaller and cause a premature birth – this is simply not true!  In fact exercising during pregnancy has a host of benefits, and resistance exercises allow you to build up the strength you’ll need for the weight gain and postural changes that occur during pregnancy.

So, can you exercise during pregnancy? Well not only is this a resounding yes but you’ll be pleased to know it’s actively encouraged.

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Training tips for a 10k run

Countdown to a 10k run

Personal Trainer Cheshire - training for Manchester 10k
Two weeks before a 10k race much of the hard work has been done and you should be raring to go as you enter final preparation phase. Now is the time to wind the training down and focus on pre-event preparation. 

For the perfect performance, be prepared, and do the following in the final week:

–          Taper down training so stick to 2 to 3 easy runs, with the final run being no less than 3 days prior to the event itself. This ensures that your muscles aren’t over-tired and you’re fresh and ready to run.

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