The 4 Essentials of Cancer Prevention Part 2

Personal Training advice : VitaminsIn Part 1 of this article I introduced 2 main ways in which you can minimise your risk of Cancer, as it is now widely recognised that in many cases it is a man-made disease. Here are the final two approaches you can positively take:

3. Switch off cancer cell growth- control your hormones

You need to regulate certain the levels of certain hormones within your body to switch off cancer cell growth.

 One of the main contributors is insulin which is raised if you eat too many refined carbohydrates and sweet foods. One Italian study estimated that 12% of breast cancer may be caused by a sweet tooth!

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The 4 Essentials of Cancer Prevention Part 1

Lifestyle link to Cancer

Personal Trainer Advice: Cancer Prevention

I always want to share information that has grabbed my attention from an excellent source. And for those of you that have read this advice blog before you will know I’m a great fan of Ian Marber ‘The Food Doctor’ so I’m always interested to read his news and articles.

I was recently reading one of his articles linking poor lifestyles to the rise in Cancer, and although I knew that cancer was one of the major health issues of the 21st century, especially in western civilization, I was shocked to read some of the statistics of where we are at today and where we are heading if things don’t change!

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The Psychology of Home Training Part 2

Personal Training at Home

Welcome back!

In Part 1 of this article (provided by our licensed partner ‘Workout at Home’) we introduced you to some tips in order to motivate yourself to exercise at home. Part 2 now introduces you to the importance of finding the right social setting and understanding your body…

3. Find the right social setting for optimum motivation.

Feelings and thoughts are also affected by other people. Some people prefer to train with others and some prefer to train alone. The right social setting can make a big difference to our motivation. We may be well aware of this in our own preferences, but we may not be aware that it is not as simple as either being with others or being alone.

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