September News Update

Summer Tour

Personal Trainer NewsWow – and just like that a whole Summer seems to have zipped by! Still we love the Autumn, with it’s rusty browns, and clear days…perfect outdoor exercise weather in our view.

So what have we been up to during the Summer?

Well let’s take you on our Summer Tour…

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May 10 News Update

28th May 2010

Personal Trainer Cheshire Lisa Foley

It’s been far too long since we posted a News update, and yet so much has happened since February! Here’s a whistle stop tour of where we’re up to, and what’s been afoot in the world of LFF:

Following the Tough Guy event we managed to raise a wonderful £550 for our partner charity Onside. This was greatly received and we got a lovely thankyou letter from the Onside team as a result.

We then went on to partake in the Manchester 10k with clients on the 16th May and managed to raise a further £200 for Onside…but donation opportunities are still open so if you can help in the smallest of ways please see our Virgin Money Giving site

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February 10 News Update

1st Febuary 2010

Lisa Foley Fitness team enter Winter Tough Guy 2010 – Lisa finishes 1st Female!

Lisa wins Tough Guy : Personal Trainer Cheshire

Wow! What an amazing time we all had at Tough Guy 2010 :-)

I am aware I speak on behalf of the whole Tough Guy team, however, I know that each and every one of us enjoyed the bone-chilling mud, barbed wire, claustrophobic tunnels, filthy freezing streams, fire-burning straw, 50 foot climbing frames, and electrical shock hazards to name a few :-O

This enjoyment has been further demonstrated by their pleas that we must enter another team next year 😉 And we expect that once you view the photo’s for yourselves you will also be chomping at the bit to join in the fun in 2011.

So big CONGRATULATIONS to Jon, Phil, Dave, Mike, Wilson, Janek and Helen for compeleting the gruelling challenge and for their fund-raising efforts for ‘On Side’ – our chosen partner charity. We can all feel proud to have been part of such a worthy cause.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and have been featured in the local press – the Sale and Altrincham Messenger, Trafford Metro – so take a look!

And at LFF we will not be stopping there… we will continue to encourage clients, family and friends to get involved in future events for their enjoyment and to help us reach a target of raising £2,500 for Onside in 2010. Please get in touch if you want to be a proud part of our fund-raising adventures!

Photo’s of the event can be found on the ‘Lisa Foley Fitness’ Facebook page!