Family Health and Exercise

A Happy and Healthy Family Future

Personal Trainer Stockport : Mother and daughter having funAre you a parent who, on top of work, parenting, household chores and other commitments can’t find the time to prioritise family Health and Fitness?

But surely a system in which good nutritional choices, being active as a family and having fun together is at the heart of what we all want. So is it time to consider a happier and healthier family future?

Increase family activity levels

Activity and exercise are important for both physical and emotional wellbeing, so teaching children to be active can help them to live well in both the short and long-term.

Set the standard: Early years shape and form children so take the time to be the best influence you can be, after all you’re their most important role model!!

Make time in your diary: Prioritising family activities will benefit all family members.  Regularly, find just 30 minutes to squeeze in a game of tag after school, a walk, or a game of swing-ball in the garden. Notice what they enjoy, whilst also encouraging new activities.

An energized start: Starting the day with a brisk walk to school gives family members a chance to ‘charge their batteries’ and begin the day feeling invigorated.

Personal Trainer in Stockport : Family on bikes

After school fun: With other parents take the children to the park after school. Dress appropriately and encourage fun games that you can all play together (stuck in the mud/ bull dogs/ ball games/ races). Empower them by allowing them to choose which games they enjoy.

Make family day happen: Go as a family to one of the beautiful Cheshire locations – Tatton Park, Dunham Massey, Sale Water Park. Let your children help put together a healthy picnic. These areas have lots to offer in terms of nature so you can educate them whilst being active.

Arrange activity days: Cycling, wall climbing, fell walking, rowing boats, kayaking, swimming, Chill Factore, quasar, are just a few examples.


Usually adults choose and prepare family meals. Drive more interaction with your children; allow them to learn about what foods are good for them and help them develop planning skills.

Empower children toward health…

  • An example may be to develop meal plans for the week ahead where they can input healthy ideas.
  • Give one of your children the opportunity to choose a family meal.
  • Try not to use the phrase ‘he/she doesn’t like that’  as this reinforces the negative emotion towards a particular food- instead say  ‘maybe not today but he/she will like it soon’
  • Task children to create the healthiest meal and explain why it’s healthy.
  • Try not to reward children with poor nutritional food options
  • Allow them to make breakfast in bed for Mum on Mothers day and birthdays…
  • Make meal time fun- involve them in the preparation
  • Always encourage and praise your child for wanting to try new healthy foods