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Personal Trainer Macclesfield : Andy


I am a currently working as a Personal Trainer combining my knowledge as a qualified Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer to deliver my passion for this profession.

Over the last three years, I have been primarily working in a gym environment, as a gym instructor initially, and for the past two years as a Personal Trainer. At the beginning of 2010 I also started supporting those outside of the gym environment, and training them in their homes, as well as providing Sports massage.

My background and qualifications have given me the skills and experience that allows me to offer the highest quality service and results to my clients, by meeting and surpassing their needs and expectations.


Aside from my career achievements I have completed both the Winter and Summer Tough Guy events, and in 2009 the Manchester 10 km. Tough Guy in particular was a challenging experience, but worth the effort to get such an immense sense of achievement!

Why I do what I do:

I have had a passion for fitness from a young age continually participating in sport whether this was in the local park with my mates or running for the county.

As time has gone by, I have wanted to share this passion with others and encourage and inspire more people to participate in fitness activities, whether it is to improve fitness, achieve weight loss or improve sports performance.

Whether a client comes to me with a goal of maintaining a weight training programme, to progressing into running a 10 km race or even the Tough guy event…it’s a fantastic feeling when I see them step up to achieving things they never thought possible. In all cases I ensure that each session is fun, fully focused on their goals and gets the most out of them. The satisfaction I get from seeing my clients achieve and surpass their goals is unrivalled.

During any session I rely on my knowledge and experience using principles of fitness and my Sports Therapy degree, to not only support clients to do their best, but also to understand why injuries occur and how to prevent these.

This is why I often work with clients needing rehabilitation, be this short or long term injuries, to initially lower pain then by utilising the core skills I have learnt to restore function and movement to the client.

Interesting Fact:

I broke my finger playing rugby many years ago and can no longer straighten it! Grrr!

What I Enjoy:

Throughout my life I have been interested in a variety of sports with my main interests being Rugby Union, Athletics, Wakeboarding and Football. I have also enjoyed competing at County level in both Athletics and Cross Country. Additionally I enjoy reading, going to music festivals, socialising and keeping fit.


  • BSc Hons Sports Therapy
  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor
  • First Aid at work


Andy has helped me transform my life. I feel so much stronger, healthier and happier since I having started PT sessions.  Andy has been a real inspiration and I am actually enjoying this type of exercise something I thought I would never say!                
I have always been active in outdoor pursuits but following a serious accident a couple of years ago; coupled with turning 40 I realised I needed some help.  Deep down, I knew my diet wasn’t healthy,  I hadn’t realised the extent to which I relied on certain (unhealthy) foods. Andy helped me review my nutrition and lifestyle and accommodate realistic changes. 
I needed to build up (ankle) strength & balance after an inadequate rehabilitation programme after a serious accident . I also wanted to build up strength in my (arms/shoulders/legs) to enable me to improve my rock climbing.  My PT sessions with Andy are very tailored, I know from speaking to friends with different training goals that their programmes are quite different. I find the hour flies by and despite feeling like I have worked out really hard I leave in great spirits and totally motivated to continue exercising during the week. 
The changes have helped improve my energy levels, drop a few Kg and lower my body fat.
I couldn’t have done it without his patience, encouragement, support and follow up!

David (Sale)

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