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I have been a competitive runner for the last 13 years. Having graduated with a Chemistry degree in 2008, I decided to pursue my dream to become a Personal Trainer and completed the Premier Diploma in Personal Training.

I use a variety of training methods with my clients, but tend to favour high intensity bodyweight circuits, kettlebell workouts and running intervals. I believe the key to making you achieve your goals is to keep exercise fun, as well as challenging- losing weight can and should be enjoyable.

I lead the ‘Lose and Shape Up’ Course at David Lloyd gym in Manchester. This is a 12 week program of exercise and nutrition advice which sees clients not only achieve fantastic results with their weight loss, but also keep the weight off, due to a change in mindset and lifestyle. By following this way of eating, I have lost a total of 16lbs since I completed this qualification 2 years ago.

If you have the right attitude and determination to succeed, and most importantly a smile on your face, I will motivate and support you all the way.


I completed the Berlin Marathon in 2009 in a time of 3h 40mins and in 2012 obtained new 5K (18.38) and 10K (38.30) personal bests.

I am also currently writing a food diary for a friend Neil who I will be completing an ultra running race with later in the year. Neil has a solid background of running and biking training, but was let down by his diet, and found his weight slowly creeping up over the years, to a maximum of 16st 1lb in August 2012. Neil managed to shed some weight in the lead up to Christmas, before hitting a plateau, but since following the food diary over the last 3 weeks has lost 10lbs and is still continuing to lose weight at a rate of 3lbs per week, his current weight being 14st 3 lbs. Neil says that his whole perception towards training has changed since changing his diet. He can workout more intensely and really looks forward to training. Above all this, his energy levels are far higher, previously not a morning person, he is now volunteering to do training sessions at 7am in the gym, and says he has never felt happier.

Why I do what I do:

For me, the greatest satisfaction about my job is not only in seeing people achieve their goals, but watching my clients’ attitudes towards exercise and healthy lifestyle changing. Watching clients who were previously scared of exercise, or under the impression that they hated it, literally grow to love working out, is massively rewarding. Exercise has such a feel good factor associated with it that goes above and beyond what the scales say, and watching others get that buzz from their training makes me love getting up for work every day.

Interesting fact:

I partied with Usain Bolt after he completed his 150m sprint down Deansgate in Manchester.

What I enjoy:

It will come as no surprise that I absolutely love to train, in particular I love to go out running. However, I’m only human, and I enjoy a few pints on a Friday and Saturday night as much as the next person. There’s no point having the body of a Greek God if you’re miserable as hell, everything in moderation really is the key.


  • NVQ level 3 Personal Trainer
  • NVQ level 3 Gym Instructor
  • Lose and Shape up Nutrition Qualification
  • Premier Kettlebell Qualification
  • Fight It (Pad boxing) Qualification
  • ViPR and Powerplate Training

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