Laura – Nutritional Therapist and Weight Loss Coach

Laura Nutritional Therapist Cheshire Manchester


As a self confessed ‘foodie’ I have always had a loving relationship with food! ‘Hungry’ to learn more about its’ therapeutic benefits, I began training as a Nutritional Therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London in 2007 with the hope of turning my passion into a career.

I quickly understood that my diet my so called ‘healthy diet’ wasn’t as good as it could have been and realised the wonderful British diet is slowly pushing us away from good health, but that we all have the option to change it for the better! Once I graduated from the CNM I gave up a safe and secure career in finance and took the leap from South to North and from employment to striking out alone.

I’ve since worked with well over 100 weight-loss clients and delivered group educational programmes, helping people to embrace a steady, nutritionally sound, achievable and maintainable weight-loss plan which allows their body to achieve a healthily slim weight without hunger, cravings or nutritional deficiencies. I’ve helped people shed several stones as well as those who want to tone up and learn more about nutrition for overall health.

I’ve also helped people with digestive issues (such as IBS), fatigue, stress, sleeping problems, allergies and skin disorders and have a keen interest in preventative nutrition. My aim is to add quality of life to my clients’ years and maybe even years to their life too!


Being told by clients that I have ‘helped change their life’ is the biggest achievement for me. Once a client develops a desire to change, I step in with the knowledge, tools and support for them to achieve their goals. Seeing how far people can progress and hearing they have found the experience life-changing keeps me smiling!

Why I do what I do:

Britain needs help changing its diet! Society has sadly lost touch of what’s needed to maintain a healthy body and mind. My quest is to improve people’s health via simple and effective nutritional changes, not just what to eat, but also when and how. Bringing clients back to what is natural for their body and seeing their health and happiness improve is immensely rewarding and the reason I am here!

I passionately believe that embracing good nutrition is the most vital prescription for our future wellbeing.

Interesting fact:

I appeared in a music video for Britpop band The Bluetones (not saying which one!)

What I enjoy

Getting out into nature: fresh air, exercise, great scenery, a picnic or a pub supper and occasionally some sunny weather! I also love photography, festivals and live music, and of course preparing and sharing great food with good friends and family. I’ve learnt the value of spare time since becoming self employed and try not to waste it!


  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, CNM London (3 yrs part time)
  • Registered member of BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists)
  • Qualified Zest4life Practitioner (Nutrition and weight-loss programmes)
  • BSc (Hons) Plant and soil science, University of North Wales, Bangor (in a previous life!)
  • St Johns Ambulance First Aid at Work


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