Mike – Personal Trainer

Mike - Personal Trainer Wirral Liverpool


I qualified as a fitness instructor 3 years ago, from there I realised my passion and have taken every opportunity to enhance my career. I started working in a small gym soon after I’d qualified as an instructor and 2 years ago I completed my level 3 personal trainer qualification, since then I’ve worked with people from all backgrounds and enjoyed every experience.

I think home training is great for people who are short of time or lack the confidence to go to the gym or simply just need that kick start! I recently worked with a woman who had tried every fad diet under the sun and didn’t have the confidence to use the gym; within 9 weeks she had lost a whopping 2 stone and 20 cm from her waist! She is still smashing her targets and now has the confidence to go to the gym.


From an early age, education has always been a massive focus of mine; I have studied at Wirral Grammar School, West Cheshire College and Lifetime training provider. I’d say my biggest achievements would have to be completing my level 3 personal trainer qualification, Sport BTEC national diploma, my advanced nutrition qualification and achieving very high grades in all of them. My proudest moments are those I get with my clients, I have helped many people transform themselves to a fitter, happier and healthier people.

Why do I do what I do ?

It is simply my passion in life. I love helping people, seeing people reach their goals and of course doing the ‘impossible’. There is nothing that gives me a greater sense of fulfilment than seeing a client reach goals, become a fitter, healthier and more confident person.

Interesting fact

Up until the age of 16, I could only swim under water, my parents had me checked for gills!

What I enjoy ?

I enjoy meeting new people and getting to work with new clients with different goals and targets. I like to keep myself in good shape, I love to train myself outdoors as well as in the gym.


  • Level 3 PT
  • Advanced nutrition
  • First aid
  • Sport studies BTEC national diploma
  • Level 2 fitness instructor


“Mike has worked so hard with me since last September and has really transformed me. I was lacking in self confidence as I was overweight, unfit and to top it all recently lost my job. What a turn around.
Yesterday I managed to complete the Manchester 10K in 82mins; I know it will not break any records but it is a massive milestone for me, and without all the work that Mike has done over the past months I could not have achieved it.
So thank you for sending MY SAVIOUR!”

Adele, Wirral

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