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Personal Trainer Glossop : Tom

I have 2 years experience in the fitness industry working with people from all walks of life in the gym and in the home. Before qualifying as a Personal Trainer I was in the Royal Marines which is where I ‘caught the bug.’

I’ve also managed a local ‘exercise referral’ scheme dealing with clients who have been advised to exercise by their GP’s; it was really interesting and rewarding to work with a variety clients with differing health factors.


Completing the infamous commando tests to earn my green beret which included the ‘endurance course’ – a 2 mile assault course featuring mud pits, underwater tunnels, caves and a 4 mile run followed straight away by a shooting test. I plan to do a few events later this year and next, including Winter Tough guy.

Why I do what I do:

I love exercise, and love nothing more seeing my clients get results. It’s great to be out and about, training with different people enjoying the good old british weather!

Exercise can enrich everybody’s life in some way; I’ve seen first hand the massive differences that getting fit can make to peoples lives.

Helping you get the results you want and having fun in the process, for me, there’s no better job!

Interesting Fact:

I did my last two years of school in Wales, and I can (kind of) speak Welsh… well, I can count to ten anyway (I think!). I also play the bass guitar, and have been doing so for about 6 years.

What I Enjoy:

I love living an active life; Rock climbing, running, boxing and walking are all activities I enjoy. I love all music and try to get to see my favourite performers when I can. I love a good laugh and watch a lot of live comedy. Oh, and my two dogs (Betsy and Daisy) who just seem to moult 24/7!


  • YMCA Personal Trainer
  • YMCA Nutrition and Weight Management
  • YMCA Running
  • YMCA Training in Different environments
  • Wright Foundation Exercise Referral Instructor
  • Boxercise Instructor
  • Pump FX Instructor
  • St Johns Ambulance First Aid at Work


I have been working with Tom since the beginning of this year, when I decided to run my first ever 10K in Manchester in May.  I honestly never thought I could run 10K – this was a major challenge for me. However, Tom devised a very comprehensive training programme for me which included running, interval training & core stability exercises and during each session pushed me that little bit further, whilst still motivating me to keep going!! 

I did complete the 10K run & I felt so good about it, that I decided to register for the next 10K & to carry on training with Tom. He is always very positive & encourages me to work through my usual comfort zone & the results are very motivating.  I train with Tom 2 to 3 times a week, usually after work, when sometimes all you want to do is curl up in front of the TV & go to sleep.  But after each session with Tom, I feel really great & know I have achieved something.  My next 10K run is in less than 3 weeks, so plenty of work to do yet!!! 

Many thanks to Tom & of course to Lisa & all her team.”  Angelika

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