It’s only natural that in life we all want to feel great and look fantastic, which is why at Lisa Foley Fitness we aim to provide personal training services that are accessible to the majority, regardless of time or financial constraints. We offer flexibility and variety to suit your individual circumstances; all we ask for is your ambition and spirit.

We have a structured approach that assesses all areas of your fitness and lifestyle to create a program that our experienced personal trainers can coach you through. This not only focuses on creating an individual training plan but also developing a lifestyle plan that teaches you about nutrition, positive mind set and the importance of balance in your life.

Our Personal Trainers in Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside also offer the flexibility train you at a location convenient to you – at your home, at your work place, or at a local park. Wherever you choose, we will be fully equipped to ensure your sessions are varied and take a complete body approach.

Importantly, we also provide additional support outside of session times by remaining in contact with you (via email or phone) so you are able to ask any questions you may have and maintain your motivation.

All fitness professionals that are part of the Lisa Foley Fitness team are highly qualified, listed in the Register for Exercise Professionals, and are extremely passionate and dedicated to health and fitness.

What we do

We provide the following exercise-related services to help you achieve your aspirations. These can also be used in conjunction with Massage Therapy and Nutritional Advice:

  • Personal Training – 1 to 1 sessions focused on you, your health and fitness goals, and ensuring that you’re happy and achieving what you set out to do.
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment – undertaken as part of a personal training programme, or separately, to gain an honest insight into what you currently do well and what can be improved.
  • Movement Assessment – undertaken as part of a personal training programme, or separately, to report on areas of weaknesses, and provide a corrective exercise programme that can minimise injury and improve mobility.
  • Small Group Training – a more cost-effective alternative to personal training which allows you to train with friends, family or colleagues.
  • Running groups – similar to small group training, but explicitly focused on improving your running capability and times.
  • Fitness Boot Camp – exercising outdoors in the park (come rain or shine!) with a larger group. Everyone is welcome, regardless of fitness levels, goals or body shape.

To book a time for us to come to you to and discuss your fitness or weight loss goals Contact Us (it’s free!)