Structured Goal Setting

We choose to work smart.  It is a true fact that you can work tirelessly only to find you have not gained momentum in aspects of life. This is why at LFF we believe our success and the success of our clients is down to the formulation of structured goals.  We only ask that you dream and think big and then we will work back from that point to develop your steps to success.

That’s why if you are undertaking personal or group training one of the first things you will do with LFF is a goal setting session. Clients find that exercising with clear goals promotes commitment to targets.

Fitness, Health & Lifestyle Assessment

Once we know where you are going we will assess where you currently are today. You be assessed in areas of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. This information will be taken away for review and then a plan of action will be put together towards becoming the new, happier and healthier you. This will include a personalised nutrition, health and lifestyle plan as well as an individual exercise plan- tailored to your exact needs. All of this will help take you closer towards your goals and the best shape of your life.

Movement Assessment

If undertaking a personal training programme you will receive a full movement assessment from one of our personal trainers, and if there are any areas of concern we will ask one of the team of Physiotherapist’s we work closely with to carry out a further assessment. It is our single aim to ensure your body is ready and capable before we get started.

As well as being part of a personal training programme, these assessments can also be purchased independently. For details see Prices.

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