Group Training

Small group training offers many of the benefits of receiving personal training services but presents excellent value for money. Many of our clients who attend our group training sessions are not only more than satisfied with the value but also enjoy the social aspect of training with others.

Some of our groups are constructed of friends who contacted us and others have been brought together. Either way we can ensure you are part of a group that you enjoy and work well with.

Depending on the size of group, training is usually held outdoors. There are two types of groups, one focussed on improving your running and the other concentrating on whole body fitness.

Personal Trainer Alderley Edge : Running Group

As an extra aspect to our standard services, all of our clients have access to, and are encouraged to take part in, our charity events and activity days. Those involved with group training have taken every opportunity to embrace these events or days fully. These can also be enjoyed by partners, family, and friends of clients.