Amanda’s Results

1. Name and age 

Amanda D – age 41. 

2. Weight, diet, nutrition, any health problems, activity levels, moods, vital statistics before training with Lisa. 

I was approximately a size 14, and did no exercise. I was addicted to carbs e.g pasta, and would have my biggest meal in evening. I would eat 3 times a day, but then find I had a rollercoaster of hunger spikes in evening.

I had started to lose a little bit of weight before meeting Lisa, but my energy levels were really low – I’d almost crash about 3pm. I remember being at work and feeling like I wanted to fall asleep. Being an older mum has quite an impact on energy levels as well as having a busy and hectic lifestyle.

3. How did your lifestyle affect your health and well-being?  

Quite negatively – my stress levels were a lot higher. I got more stressed about little things which then occasionally gave me trouble sleeping. Overall it had a negative effect on my relationships as I was low on energy and patience.

4. What did you want to change about your lifestyle that made you think about one-to-one training? 

I wanted to lose weight, as I felt low on confidence due to weight gain after 2 children. Although I had lost some weight, I felt I could do more. However, I was just too busy to fit in any exercise. I struggled to find clothes that suited or fitted me properly.

I did try Personal Training in my 20s and knew it worked because that was the best I had ever looked, so I knew it could work. I needed help with my motivation and something to help keep me on track.

5. How did you hear about Lisa Foley? 

I’m a neighbour and had seen Lisa out running with clients, and decided to enquire further. 

6. Did you look at any other trainers and what set Lisa apart? 

No, I didn’t look at other trainers, because when I had the first consultation with Lisa I was really impressed with her straight away. Her professionalism and level of knowledge came across immediately. She explained her approach to training really clearly, which fitted in with my personal needs. She was very client focussed so I was more than happy to commit to training with Lisa there and then. 

7. How did you get started and what goals did you set together? 

We had an initial longer session and where we undertook a movement assessment. We discussed goals and what I wanted to achieve, which was to drop to a comfortable size 12. Lisa suggested another goal of being able to run 5km within 45 minutes. I had never done any running before and so I wasn’t convinced that would ever be a goal I would reach. 

8. Did you change the way you eat, sleep, exercise? 

Yes, I adopted a way of eating subscribed by the Food Doctor and recommended by Lisa. Honestly, it did take a short while to adjust at first, particularly finding healthy snacks and increasing the amount of protein, and drinking more water.

I also started exercising 3 times a week. My sleep was much improved due to the exercise and my diet. My energy levels increased, and stress levels decreased. I started to become much more in tune with my own body to know when I needed to sleep and when I was hungry or thirsty or full.

9. When did you start to notice improvements and what was the journey like getting there? 

I noticed improvements fairly quickly. The first run was a bit of a shock to the system, however, with changes to eating habits my energy levels increased incredibly! I didn’t feel tired anymore during the day… which impacted in such a positive way on my life, especially with having two small children.

Having Lisa there to help me and review what I’d done each week and set new goals really helped me. I became more confident each week as I was constantly seeing results. I now know how to adapt my eating habits especially when eating out or on the go.

Also, my stress levels have been hugely alleviated and I feel full of vitality and so more able to cope with the pace of life I have.

10. How did Lisa support you to succeed? How did this give you the edge? 

Lisa helped by reviewing the steps I’d made each week, providing ideas to get round obstacles, and being very patient with me. The way she communicates is very good, as she has the ability to get to the crux of a problem if it’s there. She’s very positive and helps to motivate. She really quickly tuned in to any issues I was having and helped me find solutions with her intuitive approach.

11. How did you reach your goals? 

It came quite easily in the end because I started to enjoy it. Once you find your rhythm you actually enjoy the changes you’re making. 

12. Weight, diet, nutrition, any health problems, activity levels, moods, vital statistics after training with Lisa. 

Loads more energy – higher than they’ve been for years! My confidence has grown due to the fact that people have noticed I have lost weight and I now really care about my body. My fitness levels have improved in leaps and bounds. And my enthusiasm for exercise has increased dramatically. I even did over 5km recently in 38 minutes :-)

My dress size is now between a size 8 and 10, which took me 6 months to achieve!! I haven’t been in a size 8 since my mid-twenties!

13. Did you go on to set further challenges? 

Yes, I am doing the Manchester 10k run in May, something I would never have thought I could achieve. As I feel more confident I’m more prepared to try new things and face fresh challenges. I want to do my cycling proficiency next so we can start getting out as a family on bikes this summer.

14. What events have you done with Lisa? 

None yet, the Manchester 10k will be my first. However, I’m also undertaking the Manchester Urbanathlon (5k obstacle course) in July.

15. How has this changed your outlook in your personal and professional life? 

I am a lot more confident generally, in all areas of life. I even took part in a dragon Boat Race on the Thames in the middle of January this year and with my team came first.

16. What do you prefer about the new you? 

I love my energy levels and enjoy the fact I’m more in tune with my body. I also now love the fact that I can wear skinny jeans!

17. Have you referred Lisa on to anyone? 

I have recommended Lisa and will continue to recommend her without hesitation.

18. What would you say to anyone who’s looking for one-to-one training and coaching? 

Go for it! Can you afford not to do it? – it truly changes your life for the better.

19. Any other comments about training and Lisa that you’d like to make? 

Lisa is top banana trainer! She has so much energy and drive and it’s infectious. I have really enjoyed the experience of training with her, and feel lucky that I have found her really. She has made the whole experience fun.

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Amanda before training with Lisa

Amanda measurements before training with Lisa

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