Jon’s Results

1. Name and age

Jon H – age 39.

2. Weight, diet, nutrition, any health problems, activity levels, moods, vital statistics before training with Lisa.

In September 2009 my weight was around fifteen stone. This was the result of an inactive lifestyle and fondness for take-away curries and pizzas. My blood pressure and cholesterol were above recommended levels and also I had an abnormal liver function. Walking to the train station was about the only exercise I did.

3. How did your lifestyle affect your health and well-being?

The health issues were so significant that I was refused corporate life insurance. Approaching 40 too it seemed like a sensible time to make some improvements to my health and lifestyle.

4. What did you want to change about your lifestyle that made you think about one-to-one training?

I wanted to improve my health and my activity levels. I’d joined gyms in the past but I’d had difficulty maintaining my motivation levels and focus. I thought that a personal trainer would give me not only the extra motivation but also the expertise to train effectively and sensibly.

5. How did you hear about Lisa Foley?

Friends of mine Phil and Alice, who are both Lisa’s clients, introduced me to her. Phil and Alice both raved about Lisa, so we arranged a meeting to talk things through to see how she could help.

6. Did you look at any other trainers and what set Lisa apart?

It was important to have a personal recommendation so I had no need to look elsewhere and, when I met Lisa, she was just so enthusiastic, positive and friendly I knew I’d feel comfortable with her.

7. How did you get started and what goals did you set together?

At first there wasn’t really a goal it was more about just getting started and seeing what happened. After the first few sessions I was already starting to notice improvements, at which point we started to think about goals.

I remembered running a mile in eight minutes when I was 16 and I’d always strived to do it again. It was surprising how quickly I achieved this, which gave me the confidence to push myself a bit harder. Once I started to hit smaller goals I realised that other things are possible. So when Lisa asked if I wanted to enter the Winter Tough Guy event I was confident that we could train properly for it.

8. Did you change the way you eat, sleep, exercise?

I changed my eating habits immediately following Lisa’s mentoring and diet plans. I started eating a sensible breakfast and upped my protein and reduced my carbohydrate intake. It does take a little more planning but the results were unbeleivable. The thought of undoing the good work of a training session by having a poor diet is enough to keep it up. I think much more now about what I eat and drink. I’ve also found my sleep patterns are better, my sleep is now less disrupted and I have much more energy now throughout the day .

9. When did you start to notice improvements and what was the journey like getting there?

I noticed improvements straight away! From one session to next over the first few weeks it felt easier each time I ran. I have never been naturally fit but I quickly started to enjoy my new found exercise regime especially as I improved.

10. How did Lisa support you to succeed? How did this give you the edge?

Lisa will text or call you in-between sessions to see how you’re getting along or ask how you feel the day after a training session. That’s something I didn’t expect and something you certainly wouldn’t get if you trained at a gym. It really felt like she cared and was focused on helping me to achieve my goals.

She’s also always really enthusiastic which helped me massively when I was a bit low on motivation.

11. How did you reach your goals?

I trust and respect Lisa. She keeps the training varied but it’s always personally tailored.

After agreeing to do the ‘Tough Guy’ event she also had us wading waist high though freezing water at Sale Water Park.

12. Weight, diet, nutrition, any health problems, activity levels, moods, vital statistics after training with Lisa.

In the four months that I have been training, my weight has dropped nearly two stone. The weight came off quickly at first and now I’m toning and building muscle. I’m also more aware of what’s good from a nutritional perspective. My energy levels are much better and overall I feel more positive. I actually look forward to Lisa’s sessions and doing my own exercise!

13. Did you go on to set further challenges?

I’m currently training for the Wilmslow half marathon and want to do that in a respectable time. Again when I was sixteen I ran a half marathon so it would be great to achieve a similar if not better time. I’m also hoping to run the Manchester 10K and a number of 5K events. It really helps to have a focus for the training. I’m now hooked on trying to improve my performance. Now that I have started, I don’t just want to trot round the park, I want to set goals and see real improvements.

14. What events have you done with Lisa?

The Winter Tough Guy which I never imagined I could do before meeting Lisa.

15. How has this changed your outlook in your personal and professional life?

I have am more motivated now in all aspects of my life and want to set more challenges, both personal and professional.

16. What do you prefer about the new you?

My health has improved, I have much more energy and I feel better generally. I’m also keen to try different types of outdoor activities and stretch myself in further events.

17. Have you referred Lisa on to anyone?

My partner Angela is now training with Lisa, and I have recommended her to a colleague and his wife at work who Lisa also now works with.

18. What would you say to anyone who’s looking for one-to-one training and coaching?

It’s so much better than exercising on your own. The personal attention is brilliant and I would definitely recommend Lisa in particular.

19. Any other comments about training and Lisa that you’d like to make?

Although each session is hard, it is fun too. The training and improvements to my diet are now an important part of my life. I’m really pleased to have been introduced to Lisa both professionally and personally.

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