It’s very easy for any organisation to tell you how good they are and how happy their customers are. However, no matter how accomplished we think we are and how much we believe we can help you make a difference, the only people that can genuinely tell you the truth is our clients.

These are the people that count and they have kindly invested some of their time to tell you a little more about Lisa Foley Fitness from their perspective- the real perspective!

Please see some of our testimonials from clients below.

What you have said

 “Working with Lisa has been a great experience.  As a working mother of three children, it’s very difficult to find the time and enthusiasm to stay fit. However, Lisa’s commitment, flexibility (and sense of humour!) have made a real difference.  Her help has enabled me to stay active and motivated – I would not have been able to achieve this alone. In other words “I’m naturally a real lazy arse as is my husband.  Lisa has made sure that we’re not as lazy anymore” Alice Holder

If you would like a supportive and motivating trainer, choose Lisa. Always cheerful, always encouraging, you will find yourself doing things you never before believed possible.

Whatever your current fitness level, Lisa will put together a personal programme tailored to your needs and work with you to stick with it.

I have only been working with her for a short time, but as a sedentary non-athletic person, I am now running several miles a week and my energy levels are so much higher. I have even entered a 5K run which would have been unthinkable even a few weeks ago.

So, give Lisa a call- you will be amazed at what you can achieve!  Vanda Murray

“Lisa has trained me for 18 months now and the fact that she has managed to keep me interested and motivated for so long is a major achievement in itself.  No other personal trainer (and I have had a few) has inspired me to achieve my goals like Lisa has.  Lisa keeps it real and it is obvious that she really cares about her clients.  She keeps sessions fun and varied and listens to my needs and preferences.  She seems to have this natural instinct to know when and when not to push I and I look forward to our sessions because I know that when it is over, I will feel invigorated and healthy both in body and mind. 
“Last week, I managed to complete a 10k run for charity which is a massive achievement for me and I put this down to my own hard work and Lisa’s unfailing encouragement and advice.  Training with Lisa has helped me lose bulk and develop fitness and every time people compliment me on how well or slim I look, it reminds me that she is worth every penny.”
Adele L

I have had a succession of personal trainers over the past 6 years, and only one of them has lasted the course!  Before Lisa, I had male trainers, and I have to say Lisa is much tougher than they are!  Lisa gets fantastic results, and the reason for that is that she cleverly manages to work out what makes you tick, and then plans a programme around that, so you do what you like doing and therefore get the most out of it.  Exercise suddenly doesn’t feel like a chore anymore, and in fact you do genuinely actively look forward to the sessions.  Lisa’s knowledge of anatomy and nutrition is also excellent, and she has completely change the way I eat, so I am no longer on one continuous diet, I just eat sensibly, the right things, and sin only in moderation!  I have had the pleasure of being trained by Lisa for the last 2 years, and can only say that I would give a lot of other things up first – train with Lisa and I promise you that you won’t look back!  Rachel Gibbons

I was pretty sceptical as to what benefit I get out two hours a week personal training over  visiting the gym regularly – how wrong I turned out to be when I started training with Lisa. Far from just beasting me around the place Lisa put time into finding about me and my lifestyle. She’s really got me thinking about my nutrition as well as my training. Lisa is flexible, funny and lives and breathes what she does. Her enthusiasm is infectious – I actually enjoy running! You couldn’t ask for more from a trainer. Sarah Dean

“Without the encouragement and motivation that Lisa provides I know I would not do any exercise. A session with Lisa is hard work but very rewarding and I certainly feel the benefit of working with her over the last year”. Phil holder

I met Lisa in July 2008 after receiving a referral from a colleague.  I think Lisa first impression of me was that I was completely mad when I told her I was undertaking the 3 Peaks Challenge (walking Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowden in 24 hours) in approximately 5 weeks time and that i needed a trainer to get me fit!  Considering I had not undertaken any regular physical exercise for several years was a challenge enough, but Lisa gave me the confidence to meet the challenge, which despite the intensive ensuing few weeks; which include a ‘practice run’ of Snowdon and a day’s mountain biking, I successfully met my goal by completing the challenge in 23.5 hrs!!
Exercising opened a whole new world to me; previously I thought weekends were for lying in, watching TV and enjoying a glass of wine.  Ok, I still do this but I manage to fit in exercise in between and I have met a lot of friends through weekend’s away hill walking or biking. 
On Lisa’s advice I undertook to change my diet with the goal of fitting into a sexy black dress for my Xmas party approximately 6 weeks away.  I couldn’t believe the results and I have now lost almost 1 stone but more importantly more than 3 inches off my waist.  Needless to say I looked good in my black dress! 

I am now undertaking a half marathon and ‘Tough Guy’ and looking forward to setting another ambitious challenge for later in the year.

Without Lisa’s help I would not be where I am today both physically and mentally.  I also consider Lisa a friend who comes to my assistance in times of need even when its not exercise related. Tracey Underwood

 I have been training with Lisa for a year now and thanks to her this is the longest period of time I have exercised consistently. Lisa tailors the sessions to me and makes them fun but I work hard at the same time. She is always coming up with ideas on how to incorporate exercise into my week and I have to stick to it! She is a very positive teacher and I know that after an hour with Lisa I feel great. Thank you. Justine

I started training with Lisa in May 2008, having attended her ‘Boot Camp’ exercises classes for a few weeks prior to this.  I now train with her twice a week.  Since starting with Lisa, I have seen my fitness levels improve dramatically.  Lisa worked with me to identify my aims and was keen to establish some tangible goals.  One of mine was to complete a 5k run and work to eventually towards completing a 10k.  I completed the 5k run in February and am now progressing further. 

Although sessions are challenging, Lisa will always ensure you are comfortable with the exercise although she is currently engaged in a (losing) battle to convince me that I really do love press ups.  Lisa is incredibly enthusiastic and motivating in assisting me to achieve my goals during sessions but also patient and sympathetic on the very rare occasions when I’m feeling a bit jaded. Karen Lang

Exercise? Me never!! That is until I decided to take the plunge and enroll in 6 weeks of Boot camp, Oh my god what have I done? Well I went along to Didsbury park and never looked back not only have I dropped a dress size I have learnt so much about nutrition and how my body needs to work!! My lifestyle has totally changed since meeting Lisa she has enthusiasm coming out of her ears, I also look at her as a friend. I have never felt so good and enjoyed training so much and would recommend her without hesitation. Thanks Lisa you have made a big difference to me. Adele White

Feedback from clients