May 10 News Update

28th May 2010

Personal Trainer Cheshire Lisa Foley

It’s been far too long since we posted a News update, and yet so much has happened since February! Here’s a whistle stop tour of where we’re up to, and what’s been afoot in the world of LFF:

Following the Tough Guy event we managed to raise a wonderful £550 for our partner charity Onside. This was greatly received and we got a lovely thankyou letter from the Onside team as a result.

We then went on to partake in the Manchester 10k with clients on the 16th May and managed to raise a further £200 for Onside…but donation opportunities are still open so if you can help in the smallest of ways please see our Virgin Money Giving site

Personal Trainer Cheshire : supporting Macmillan Cancer SupportAlso, at the Manchester 10k we supported Macmillan Cancer Support in the charity village by assisting their runners with cool down exercises and advice after the race. It was fantastic to be involved and support those that were raising money for Macmillan.

The whole day was a huge success and we managed to capture photos in the charity village and some of us having some well deserved food and drinks afterwards! See our LFF Facebook page for a sneaky peek!

At the end of February we started our search for outstanding Personal Trainers to join Lisa Foley Fitness, due to an increase in client demand. The search was far and wide, but we eventually found the lovely Tom! Tom embarked on his training with us, and started delivering sessions during mid-April and has proven a fantastic hit with clients so far. To learn more about Tom see our ‘About Us’ page.

To add to the excitement, and our Team, we also very recently recruited Lucy. Lucy has over 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry and is a fantastic and friendly addition to the team. You can also see her featured on our About Us page.

We have one other team member Andy, who has only just come on board, but smiley photographs have been taken and we’ll be updating the web site soon so you can learn more about him. Watch this space…

Home Personal Trainer Cheshire: the LFF mobileAnother piece of progress for us (which we aren’t afraid to admit that we found very exciting indeed!) was the introduction of our car advertising during April. Love it or hate it, it’s certainly eye catching… So look out for us around Cheshire and Manchester and give us a wave!

We’ve now introduced an Advice blog section onto our web site. Although in its infancy, we’ve already posted blogs with regards to last minute tips for the Manchester 10k run (which equally applies to any 5k, 10k or triathlon event), recipes for after an event, steps to a speedy recovery, and the benefits of a low GI diet. We would love for our blogs to be as interactive as possible, so please take the opportunity to comment at the bottom of each blog if you feel you have something of value to add. Also, if you have any ideas of content or advice you’d like to see in our blogs then please let us know.

Finally, LFF Noozles (email newsletters) are also now in production from the end of April, which are a great way of keeping up-to-date with News, Offers, Tips etc. If that’s not enough we’ll also enter you into our monthly draw to receive a FREE Health and Lifestyle Assessment, once you subscribe. Just complete the form on our News page so we can keep in touch.