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Personal Training Altrincham

Personal Trainer Altrincham

If you’re looking for a home-based Personal Trainer in Altrincham to help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals, in a positive and progressive way, then we have a team of enthusiastic personal trainers available to support you.

We are able to support clients at their homes throughout Altrincham and the surrounding vicinities, including Hale, Bowdon, Timperley, Dunham, and all other areas, and can flexibly accommodate session times and days that suit you.

Our Personal Trainers are all highly qualified and recognise the importance of understanding your goals, desires, and values. Only then can they truly assist you in reaching (and surpassing!) your aspirations.

As well as home-based training Altrincham itself has some fantastic areas to get out and enjoy whilst being active…

What is home Personal Training?

Altrincham Personal Trainer : the LFF mobileBasically, it’s where we jump in our car complete with fitness equipment and bring Personal Training to you, wherever you are in the Altrincham area. With the latest portable equipment it’s easy to create an all over body workout, and our trainers can adapt a programme to any environment.

Many clients prefer the personal attention and focus that home training brings. It can also give you the opportunity to discover running / walking routes and new and exciting places in Altrincham that you may not have known about, where the opportunities to create a fun and effective training session are boundless!

What results can I expect?

Each client is completely unique and the results you want to achieve are defined by you at the outset.

The truth is, with individual expert guidance, a tailored exercise programme, nutritional support, a friendly face to help with motivation, and a little bit of your ambition and spirit mixed in… there is absolutely no limit in terms of what you can achieve. That’s a promise!

It only seems difficult when you’re without support, but that’s where we can genuinely help you make a difference to your body shape, weight loss, your overall health and ultimately your day-to-day feelings of confidence and positivity. All we ask is that you pass on your newfound knowledge and positive influence to those around you, so you can in turn inspire and empower them to achieve their own aspirations. Even the smallest piece of advice can change someone’s life for the better. Thankyou.

See our Client Results for examples of what other inspiring clients have achieved.

What additional support is provided?

Nutrition and Weight Management support are often a key aspect for many clients, and as such we ensure that as much emphasis is placed on creating a healthy eating plan as an exercise programme.

Personal Training Macclesfield : Food Doctor LogoOur team includes Laura, a gifted and very friendly fully qualified nutritionist and weight loss coach, to ensure that the advice and support we provide is up to the minute, specific to you, and the best advice you’re able to get from a Personal Training company. If weight loss is your goal eating the right foods at the right time is critical to improving your body shape and accounts for 70% of your success. You may also even have food tolerances you’re not aware of that can often cause discomfort and other symptoms. Whatever your circumstances we can help.

We work hard to provide a holistic approach where clients can additionally expect access to:

Personal Trainer Macclesfield : No 1 Nutrition articles and advice, including recipes
Personal Trainer Macclesfield : No 2 Fitness articles and advice, including training programmes
Personal Trainer Macclesfield : No 3 Access to a specialist team of PTs, Nutritionists, and Yoga and Pilates instructors
Personal Trainer Macclesfield : No 4 Contact with trainers outside of session times
Personal Trainer Macclesfield : No 5 Sports massage and sports therapy services for those with injuries or joint/muscle pain

In addition we provide client discounts from various partners, such as sports shops, chiropractic services and physiotherapy services

We’re constantly working to improve the scope and breadth of Personal Training services we provide, so that you genuinely feel you’re getting value for money more than just a Personal Trainer, but if you have any other ideas as to how we can support you we’d really love to hear from you.

What do I do next?

Contact UsIf you’re based in Altrincham, and this is the support and guidance you’re looking for to create a healthy future then the next best step is to Contact Us to arrange your free consultation. That way we can discuss your goals in more detail and provide further info as to how we can support you.

Otherwise, if you need more general information please use the links in the menu at the top of the page to navigate the site and check out the fitness and nutrition services we provide, our news and articles, and even the charity we support.

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